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Primary School:


Bring the child closer to:

  • A God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, that is loving and alive in the miracle of the Eucharist.
  • A mother in heaven that is the Virgin Mary who accompanies and protects us.
  • Learn: the Sacred Scriptures; The Bible
  • Stress the importance of prayer and the miracle of the Eucharist.
  • Live the teachings and loving of Jesus and acquire virtues based on good conducts.


• Lessons from 1st to 7th grade once a week.
• The Sacrament of Reconciliation: First Confession in 3rd grade.
• The Sacrament of Eucharist: First Communion in 4th Grade
• Trips and Special Classes: called integrations, in 4th grade, with plays and songs to better understand the life of Jesus.
• Weekly Confessions: for students from 4th to 7th grade.
• Retreats: with 3rd grade, to prepare for reconciliation and with 4th for the First Communion.
• Mass every two months: with the help of 4th to 7th grade students and the participation of parents from 3rd to 7th grade.
• Prayers of the Rosary: 1) during Rosary Week, where parents are invited to pray in each grade, simultaneously with meditations adapted according to the age of students. 2) Final Rosary Celebration with all the Primary School together.
Special gatherings with Missionary Mothers where they talk about advocacy of the Virgin.
• Gatherings on the topic of generosity and solidarity. 1) Invitation to be missionaries in 6th grade. 2) Invitation to collaborate with different charity projects in all grades.
• Revision of the Creed and the personal creed in 7th grade.
• Mass of gratitude and farewell with 7th grade students and their families.
• Christmas celebrations, gatherings and mass.

High School:

Catechism is thought out so that the students who believe feel comfortable and those who have doubts don’t feel rejected.

Being of optional assistance, one can freely choose to partake in confirmation in Third Year and, for that, prepare throughout three years to receive this sacrament that completes and perfects the grace received in baptism. Students are weekly accompanied by the school’s chaplain that takes confession and clears the doubts that they might have.

Retreats are programmed once a year; since the first year. It is a completely different space. A comfortable house, surrounded by nature; with no obligations or technology, where everyone can show their best. In this space, they take in the feedback from the interactions with their colleagues and aides -students from the last years of high school and graduates.

The retreat known as Cenacle – which started to take place in 1986 – is for older students and takes place during the weekend. Its dynamic has been continuously improved by the support and input of all the graduates that have participated in its organization, with their own ideas and others learned in retreats outside of school.

We believe that things can always be improved. That is why we count on the participation of families, who are the main educators and guides in a student’s faith.