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In 1948, after graduating from UCD – University College Dublin – our founder, Prof. John Joseph Scanlan arrives in Argentina. Here he begins an extensive and brilliant career in bilingual education; first, as a founding member of Colegio Cardenal Newman and later working simultaneously in both secondary and higher education in St. Catherine’s School, Belgrano Day School and Universidad Del Salvador.

In 1966, he turns his biggest project into reality: he founds St. Brendan’s College with his wife, Prof. Nelly Durand. The first emplacement of the school building was located in 2050 Conde street, in a typical English house; where the first 67 students found a second home and family.

After working side by side for twelve years, Nelly passes away prematurely and John moves forwards with the task of consolidating the project that they had dreamt of together. To achieve that, he had to rely on his closest collaborators: the executives and teachers who had been with him since the school’s founding.

John Scanlan was a man with an enormous talent and passion for music. Since the beginning, he had the vision to encourage the development of performing arts among the students. Apart from this, he dedicated a great deal of time to the promotion of Irish culture in various ways and the school was no exception. Both traditions stand to this day in the school’s flag, the practice of Gaelic Sports and Brendan’s own Art School.

After nineteen years of uninterrupted work, Prof. John Scanlan suddenly passes away on the 25th of January, 1985. That same year, his son Johnny took over the school’s direction, in a new stage that brought changes to St. Brendan’s College. Since its foundation, the school had been exclusively for boys. However, in 1996 the school begins to accept female students; thus, inaugurating a new era that consolidated St. Brendan’s College as one of the most important schools in Argentina.

In spite of the changes and the passing of time, the school’s essence has not changed; the people who make up the school have not changed. That is the true wealth that is transmitted from one generation to another. Verónica, Johnny, Billy and Maureen carry on, moving the school forward into the future; following in the footsteps of John and Nelly.

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