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Secondary education seeks to foster autonomy, contemplation, critical thinking and curiosity in a context of respect for others and a humanist essence. This is achieved thanks to the assistance and guidance the students receive from Preceptors, Teachers and Directives throughout their time in school; providing support in academic, social and emotional aspects.

The bilingual curriculum offers students the abilities and competence needed to face the most diverse challenges and shape their ideas and projects. In addition, during the five years that the students will spend in high school, they will have the possibility to take part in:

• Study trips and tours
• Academic and Sports competitions
• Competencias deportivas y académicas
• Mathematics, Programing, Robotics, History and Chess workshops
• Courses and workshops taught by external professionals

In St. Brendan’s College, we deeply believe that the learning, contemplation and introspection promoted by this comprehensive education are fundamental to form people that will have a main role in shaping the future of our country and the world.