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Academic Description

St. Brendan’s College is an Argentinian school with Irish roots, founded in 1966 by Professor John Joseph Scanlan (Bachelor of Arts, University College Dublin) and his wife, Professor Nelly Durand.

The school is a founding member of the two most renowned associations of bilingual schools: ESSARP (English Speaking Scholastic Association of the River Plate) and ACOBI (Bilingual School Association, for its Spanish acronym). It is also a member of the UNESCO Associated School Project.

The school is a mixed institution, secular, with Catholic orientation and spiritual guidance. It implements a Bilingual Curriculum in all its stages. It has a Modal Baccalaureate in Exact and Natural Sciences and in Social Sciences. Students take, throughout their studies, PET, IGCSE, ICE and AS-Level international examinations from Cambridge University, CIE, England.

St. Brendan’s College graduates can continue their education in all areas of studies. However, there is a tendency among students towards Engineering and Economic Sciences.

The school has signed agreements with: 

St. Brendan’s College has a distinguished participation in sporting events and tournaments, with particular emphasis placed in Rugby, Hockey and Athletics. National and International Tours are organised to promote contact and interaction among schools from all over the country and the world.

The Performing Arts Department allows students to express themselves and their creativity through different disciplines (arts, music and theatre). The International Cultural Tour has been taking place since 2018, encouraging interest, curiosity and the search for diversity across different cultural contents.

The school also has a spiritual guidance programme from 1st Grade onwards where children start taking their Catechesis classes and they get ready to receive their First Communion in 4th Grade and Confirmation in 3rd Year, as well as Spiritual Retreats.