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Primary School

The objectives of Primary School are the comprehensive development of students; fostering their autonomy through the encouragement of curiosity; the development of critical thinking and observation of the world around them; in order for students to be the true protagonists of their own learning within an environment that is caring and respectful towards their social and emotional needs.

The academic pillars are: literacy, written and oral production; a deep understanding of the area of mathematics and logical thinking, and the development of scientific knowledge.

At the same time, English language is taught from First Grade onwards with an English/Spanish bilingual school format, where the second language is learnt as they also learn their native tongue.

The four fundamental skills of language learning are taught in English: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, together with special subjects such as Science, Geography, History and Mathematics.

We work with Cambridge Primary English and at the end of 7th grade, and it is mandatory that all students take the Preliminary English Test (P.E.T); an exam which provides them with an internationally recognised certificate.

We provide safe spaces to reflect on, prevent and achieve peaceful resolution of conflicts; workshops for coexistence and integration and we offer guidance in the management of emotions, through a team of professionals in psychology and psychopedagogy.

Through the Digital Junior Agreement with the National Technological University (UTN), we aim to integrate the teaching of digital skills into the classroom, with the objective of achieving an improvement in the quality of education through innovative proposals and the insertion of technology into the institutional project.

Sports are considered essential for the comprehensive development of the students, since they stimulate kinesthetic intelligence. Healthy competition, integration and exchange among peers are also fostered through competitions both within the school and other institutions.