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Cruzada Patagónica Foundation

Since March 1997, Cruzada Patagónica Foundation and St. Brendan’s College have been cooperating, developing and implementing different solidary activities together.

To achieve this goal, a strategic alliance has been made, through which different projects have been created to instill an educational sense into these activities, that aim towards developing solidarity values.

Both Cruzada Patagónica Foundation and St. Brendan’s College understand that the best way to educate our youth so that they can carve out their own future is through studying, education and professional training.

To carry out this project, it is necessary that minimum and basic necessities are met to fully develop all student’s potential, both those who depend on Cruzada Patagonica Foundation as well as those from St. Brendan’s College.

Through the construction of La Casa de Alejandra, a project that involved the entirety of St. Brendan’s community, we have deepened the bonds of friendship between both institutions, thus creating a spiritual and emotional connection that lasts through time.

For these reasons, Cruzada Patagónica Foundation and St. Brendan’s College agree through this document to renew and deepen the strategic alliance between both institutions; and develop exchange programmes between students from CEI San Ignacio and St. Brendan’s College to generate a reciprocal bond.

St. Brendan’s College commits to:

  • The maintenance of La Casa de Alejandra, to the best of its ability.
  • Collaborate, within its possibilities, with every educational enterprise undertaken by Cruzada Patagónica Foundation, with the objective of helping students carve out their own future through education and academic instruction.
  • Carrying out educational trips with their students to integrate them to the communities of Indigenous People and commit to the achievement of the aforementioned principles.
  • Offer, within their annual academic calendar, scholarships and internships, as well as exchanges and sporting support to distinguished students from the different schools which are under the responsibility of Cruzada Patagónica Foundation.