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Community Action Programme

In 1995, a Christmas Faire was held with the intention of collecting funds for the Hospital Pirovano’s Neonatology Ward.

From that event, the creation of the Community Action Programme (PAC for its Spanish acronym) began taking place. The aim was to organise different activities which were aimed at helping those in need.

To this day, PAC works as a comprehensive pedagogical approach which tries to transmit and instil values such as solidarity, generosity, prudence, tolerance and respect for others in each and every one of those who participate in the programme. This includes not only students but also all of the St. Brendan’s Community (parents and relatives, graduates, teachers, authorities and staff in general).

With this goal in mind, fundraisers, donations and visits to different institutions are organised so that students can collaborate. Activities are planned depending on the student’s age so that they can benefit from the experience and be managed accordingly. In this way, students progressively acquire experiences that strengthen and educate them.