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Requirements for Primary Level Applicants

1st Grade:

Applicants for First Grade Primary must have attended bilingual preschool with double school shift. This requirement grants students the necessary tools for a better adaptation to First Grade.
At the same time, St. Brendan’s College works in tandem with ABC Kindergarten, whose students have a direct pass to Primary School and priority depending on vacancies.

ABC Kindergarten

phone: 4544-5761

2nd to 7th Grade:

Written and Oral English examination. Once the student has passed this instance, leveling tests for Spanish Language and Mathematics will have to be taken.

Documents needed for the inscription process:

Birth certificate
• A photocopy of the ID
• A photocopy of the Vaccination Record

Documents needed for foreign students or studies completed abroad:

• Certificate of Studies legalized by:

a. The educational authorities of the country of origin.
b. The Argentinian Consulate in the country of origin.
c. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship (Esmeralda 1253, CABA, Argentina).
d. The City of Buenos Aires’ Ministry of Education (Carlos H. Perette 750, CABA, Argentina. With appointment)
e. This certificate must be translated by a National Sworn Translator.

• Certificate of residence application granted by the National Migrations Directorate.

• Birth Certificate: if you are a foreigner you must attach a translation by a National Sworn Translator and certify it with a Public Notary.

• Photocopy of the Identity Document.


To make an informative appointment, please call: 4555-5002 Int: 123.
You can also ask for information via email to: