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Brendan’s Art School

“Theatre is the game we enjoy the most”

The school’s artistic project is founded upon the certainty that in theatrical vocation lies the necessity to put the body into action and within a space. Theatre, as a game of fiction, aids in the development of a creative imagination that transforms reality, using it as an inspiration.

With this notion in mind, the school carries out various artistic activities for students and graduates of all ages.

As a part of the English curriculum, students from 1st to 4th Grade have a weekly Music and Drama class, in which they play different theatrical and musical games.

For students in 7th Grade Primary and High School, St. Brendan’s Musical Comedy Club puts on a play in English that premiers every year in August. This workshop is a space that fosters meditation on the different topics that are dealt with in the chosen plays while also working on an aesthetic and poetic sense.

The construction of props and the set design for St. Brendan’s Musical Comedy Club’s play is done by students, graduates and parents that participate in the Set Design Workshop.

Also, the school offers three optional and extracurricular workshops. Musical Comedy School is for students from 1st to 6th Grade Primary, where they work on the three areas that make up Musical Theatre: singing, dancing and acting. In the Tap Dance workshop, students from 1st to 7th Grade Primary practise Irish Tap – a group of traditional dances from Ireland – using shoes with metal plates as instruments to approach different styles and musical rhythms. Stemming from the graduates’ desire to carry on with their theatrical activity in such a familiar and beloved place, the Musical Theatre Workshop has been reopened.

Finally, the school offers the possibility for both students and graduates to participate in the different choral groups. Junior Choir is for students from 4th to 7th Grade; Smack Vocals for former students and Open Choir for adults. In this way, everyone has the chance to participate and sing in a group and also participate in different events with other choral groups from other institutions.

Marcela Alam

General coordinator
Performing Arts Department