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Physical Education is part of the students’ motor and bodily education. This is achieved through basic physical instruction and the practice of different sports. This favours the students’ comprehensive formation as well as helping them value and enjoy these practices.

Through the teaching of different sports, Physical Education contributes to the formation of critical, thoughtful, caring, autonomous, creative and responsible people. In St. Brendan’s College we strive to make students enjoy doing physical activities through a balanced teaching approach, between the technical/tactical aspect and the recreational aspect, in each and every one of the sports that are practised in school.

The most representative sports are Rugby and Hockey, participating in a variety of competitions and international tours.

Our aspiration is that, through Basic Physical Education and Athletics, each student achieves bodily and motor autonomy by knowing and interacting with their own body, the environment and their classmates. For this reason, these activities are carried out from 1st Grade all the way through to the last year of high school.

Students also partake in the practice of: volleyball, basketball, handball and football. Since 2015, we have implemented the incorporation of Gaelic Sports, which are Hurling and Gaelic Football. Both disciplines have been included in the school’s own Sports Tournament.

Juan Braceras

Head Department of Physical Education


St.Brendan’s Hockey